Privacy policy

To access this Website, the users are generally not required to give personal information, such as name, address and contact numbers. However, there are some pages that require the users to give personal information (although only to the necessary extent).

We, Es.U.Es Corporation (hereinafter The Company), hereby warrant that any and all personal information provided by the users on this Website will be handled in appropriate security based on law set to protect such personal information, and will be used only for the initial purpose(s) such personal information are given for unless the Company achieve prior approval from the user him/herself.

The Company is carrying out suitable management on the occasion of the handling of the user's personal information, and has taken appropriate and reasonable security measures to prevent leakage of and illegal access to the users' personal information.

To improve the services for the users, the Company may entrust part of its site management task to the Company's contractors/assignees. Even in such case, the Company shall ensure that such contractors take appropriate measures to prevent leakage of and illegal access to the users' personal information.

The Company will not disclose users' personal information to third parties, other than its contractors, without users' consent. However, if disclosure of such information is requested by law or by governmental agencies, including the courts and the police, the Company may disclose such information without the consent of the appropriate user(s).

If users request that their personal information given to this Website to be disclosed, corrected or deleted, the Company will respond to such requests, to a reasonable extent, only after users' identification is authenticated.

The Company may revise and/or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to keep the policy updated and appropriate. In case of such revision/modification, the Company shall notify the users of such change(s)

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