wey of contribution

We intend to start out from small things
things that we could do.

By Companies & Firms

・Sales of products using JAG logo→ part of the sales to be donated as license fee
・Manufacturing special giveaway goods using African art→ part of the license fee to be donated
・Co-ownership of the master rights for 『African JAG』 compilation albums→ part of the sales income to be donated
・Sponsoring special media programs for special occations such as International AIDS Day (separate project sheets will be put together)
・AIDS enlightening activities (i.e. distribution of condoms, pamphlet of necessary knowledge about AIDS, etc) → also effective in spreading facts about the disease within Japan
・Providing hardware for independence (i.e. power generators, sewing machines, computers, recording equipments, papers for braille, stationeries, etc)
・Supports for urgent relief supplies (i.e. automobiles to transport AIDS patients to hospitals, water purifier, smasher for corns & soybeans, nutritious supplements, children clothes, plus shipping/transporting such supplies)
・Support in technical educations for agriculture & waterways.
・Financial donation (i.e. to be used for construction & administration of institutions such as orphanage homes, rehabilitation centers and AIDS examination labs, as well as to provide food & medication to AIDS patients, and agricultural development in poor areas)

By Creative Artists (music, art, photography, fashion, etc)

・Offering artworks & creations (music, art, photography)→ donate part of royalty/income
・Appearing to JAG concerts & events
・Manufacture/Sales of goods using JAG logo→ donate part of royalty/income as license fee
・Promotional activities/Web links/Donating goods for charity/fund raisings

By Press & Media

・Introducing the realities & current state of the problems through media such as TV programs, radio shows, internet, magazines, newspapers, and websites.
・Transmitting and spreading information aiming at World AIDS Day
・Collaboration on organizing/presenting shows & events


・ Affiliation & joint activities with JAG Project/・Information exchange/・Sales of JAG products

By Educational Institutions

・Lectures by JAG members (themes such as realities of Africa, AIDS, and what really needs to be done)→ part of lecture fee to be donated
・Study tour for students

By Volunteers & Others

・Editorial/Programming works for JAG official website
・Translating JAG reports & newsletters into various languages and transmission of the said documents
・Working as show/event production staffs/・Retails/Management of JAG products
・Promotional activities/・Working as free market staffs
・Purchase of JAG CDs and JAG products (your purchase will be added to our donation)
・Involvement to events/・Involvement to local NGO
・Providing cooking recipes of dishes that can be made from limited ingredients
・Nutrition advisor in local areas of Africa
・Financial donation (to be mainly used to support AIDS orphans)

Urgent Relief for AIDS Patients

・Distribution of coupons for free transportations to hospitals
・Distribution of coupons for free medication at local private hospital
・Supply food for AIDS patients in poorest financial class

Support for AIDS Orphans & AIDS Orphanage Homes

・Supply of clothes & shoes for orphans/・Food supplies/・Donating school supplies & toys

Support for Trainings & Rehabilitations of AIDS Patients/Ex-Child Soldiers Independence

・Shared Farmlands → Self-sufficiency→ Sell remaining crops to earn money on their own→ Open-air restaurants
・Sewing → Reform the clothes donated to be sold
・Business using bamboos → Bamboo is a plant that grows very quickly and extremely useful being that the shoots are edible, charcoals and vinegars (which is effective to skin disease especially for children) can be made out of bamboos, and its leaves have sterilizing effects so they could be used to wrap food & crops to avoid being spoiled quickly. They could also be used to purify water, as construction woods, as well as a fiber to weave clothes. There still are a lot of aspects that needed to be tested & researched, but if bamboos could be of practical use, we feel that it may become a hint to solve a lot of problems that exist in different countries of Africa. As of now, the most important thing is to make a model case, and our final goal is to provide knowledge for growing & practically use the bamboos over to the local people which should lead to their independence.

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