We intend to start out from small things
things that we could do.


African JAG Project accepts your financial donations for our support activities through following methods:

●Bank Transfer:
Bank Name= Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, LTD / Branch Name=Nakano Branch (Branch# 151) / Account Number= 1063001 / Account Name= Es.U.Es Corporation JAG PROJECT / Swift Code= BOTKJPJT151

●Registered Mail/Post:
Attn: African JAG Project c/o Es.U.Es Corporation
Address: 1-16-12, Minamimachi, Nukui, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184-0014

●Others:Donations can be made by personal delivery directly to African JAG office & staffs, if you are in nearby area from our office, we would be more than happy to come to you to receive your donations.


African JAGAfrican JAG Project also does various fund raising projects such as release of charity albums, organizing original events such as photo exhibitions, as well as getting out booth at various events. A part of profit from all such fund raisings will be donated to be used for support activities by African JAG Project.
With original releases by African JAG Project such as 『African JAG』 charity compilation series, part of profits from both master & publishing rights as well as the royalties due to artists involved are being donated to African JAG Project as follows.

From Master Rights Profits

From the total income of the album sales, album production fee (including package deduction), promotion fee and taxes will be first deducted. Out of the master rights income after deducting distribution costs (less taxes) and copyright royalty, 25% of net will be donated.

From Publishing Rights Profits

Out of the publishing income, the publishing company will donate 20% of their net income less taxes & copyright organization fees, and 10% from the artists’ copyright royalties (for both lyrics & music).
●OTHERS:Out of the profits from use of African JAG Project logo on products such as T-shirts, and other original projects, 20% of the amount received (less taxes) will be donated to African JAG Project.


African JAG Project deducts 20% of all donations received as Administration Fee for us to run & maintain the Project. The said fee will be used to cover running costs such as phone bills, coupon printing fees, promotional material production costs and website domain fees. Costs & expenses used can be reviewed on our monthly financial report on this website.


African JAG Project also accepts goods & products to be used for our support supply, such as clothes (especially for children), medical goods including disinfectants & condoms, and food supplies. All supploes donated will be presented directly to those in urgent need of such supplies upon research/support activities by African JAG Project, and will also be reported on this website. To donate supply goods, please contact us at our Project office Contact.
※If you made a donation and wish to make yourself anonymous or use an alias on our financial report,as well as those who have particular requests in how you wish your donations to be used, kindly notify us in advance. We are more than happy to make our best efforts to meet your requests.
If you need a tax exemption document for your donation, please let us know (although please be noted that the said document is not effective in the countries outside of the United States).

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