If Streets Around the World
Unite Hand in Hand
It Will Turn Into a Tremendous Power

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi SakamotoWe are the children of those few who walked out of the comfort of home called Africa. Thus, in essence, we are all African.
It is only natural to help those in trouble we left back home.

Kazunori KUMAGAI

Kazunori KUMAGAI“Dear Mother Earth” I visited Senegal in Africa back in January this year. The African rhythms - which is the very roots of the TAP - were undoubtfully the lives of the local people. The beautiful sounds, the mother earth, singing voices & laughing voices, children running, dances, the vibes of the drums, And the astounding natural resources,...we must save & protect them all. Because we are all connected. With Love & Respect, LOVE + TAP


Tempei “Dear Mother Earth” I visited Senegal in Africa back in January this year. The African rhythms - which is the very roots of the TAP - were undoubtfully the lives of the local people. The beautiful sounds, the mother earth, singing voices & laughing voices, children running, dances, the vibes of the drums, And the astounding natural resources,...we must save & protect them all. Because we are all connected. With Love & Respect, LOVE + TAP

DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid

From the Maghreb to the tip of South Africa, hip hop has changed the way people tell stories on the continent. The African JAG project is a global initiative to increase awareness of many of the issues facing contemporary Africa through the viewpoint of music, digital media and a sense of idealism.Music speaks across all borders, and for the JAG project is one way to set up a forum for artists and musicians to help out with some of the most pressing issues facing Africa today.


VEKROTZIt was a real pleasure to be a part of the project this time, and to know how great it feels to actually see the project spreading, which was much greater than what we have imagined. “I did something good!” Achieving a feeling as simple as such would be enough! Would be great if people start off from such feeling, being aware of the situation, and make links to activities to help each other…. We’re a “JAG novice” too, but would like to search for things that we could be of help.<KETZ> World is vast. The realities happening in the opposite side of the globe. JAG makes you realize such realities. The lives & smiles that could be saved by sharing a little bit of love that you normally give to your loved ones beside you. JAG is the go-between to share the Love. Want you to know… About JAG. It’s something that needs everyone’s hands.<VERONICA> ※Collaborated with African JAG in a dance event “MAIN STREET” held on 26 April 2008 @ Kawasaki Club Citta.


ZAP MAMAthousand tears, thousand laughters, thousands born
thousands die, thousand ways to live, thousand decisions we take
thousand ways to be a human being


K'NAANI wrote My Old Home in a state of emotional unrest about the situations of conflict and war which have not yet been resolved in my country, Somalia . At the time, I have been thinking a great deal about the feelings brought on by having to be exiled from your old home. The place where you first played, where you've made friends, and where you first discovered your early dreams. The song starts in the form of poetry, speaking on the beauty of the East African Country, the hopes of a generation, the culture and the subtleness of ancient people's interactions. And then suddenly, just like when the war came to us, the drums CRASH in, and the poetry becomes a rush of lyrics, the complaints begin, and it all feels like things are falling apart. Which they did, and this is a tribute to all that there was, before there was nothing.


SING02I was in Africa before I knew. The word “ Africa ” has vast meanings, just like the word “music.” At the same time, we all grew up listening to the music created by people originally from Africa. If I could give Africa back even a little bit of the power such music have given me, it's more than an honor for me. ASIA AND AFRICA UNITE!


MIKE LADDWhen the whole world seems ready to let the powerful and greedy off the hook,
the vigilant must not sleep and continue to pinch the world awake.


JUDAH MANSONTo My Brothers and sisters in Africa, I send you strength when you're feeling weak, courage when you're afraid, and faith when you're feeling doubt. Know that each day is only a test of your faith. Don't be discouraged. Know that I am with you always in pryer. Love and Guidance,


TUNDEI am so glad to be one of the charitable compilation participants, which contributes immensely to build the organization and the community as a whole. This JAG compilation should be dedicated to all African children suffering from various calamity such as AIDS, EDUCATION, POVERTY, CIVIL WAR, REFUGES, and POLITICALPROBLEMS. As a participant who wishes for a better life for all African children and the people of Africa all together, I hope that my comments and participation helps to assist and enlighten the African people in such hindrances and hardships. The JAG PROJECT, as I remember it correctly, was originally taken to Africa in 1994 where smiles were brought out from the faces of all children suffering from various problems. As a drummer and JAG compilation participant, I would like to encourage and enlighten all African people to know the gift that God has given to each and every one of us. Even now, countless critical situations continue to exist in African nations, and I strongly believe that something can be done through enlightenment and art expression such as what we've done this time, music. Hope the contributions in JAG compilation help those in need, and to see more awareness & willingness to help others amongst people. Thanks.


SUPER SOULMy music is all I can give to you my brother's and sister's, but my music is everything to me.
I hope that you will benefit from it in some way, either in the form of inspiration, therapy, or money. Peace and Blessings,


THEMSELVESthis is a solemn song for all things wintered, taken under the a sun to sun practical magic sometimes by weather on bone, sometimes by kings claw and cope. yet there is a certain constitution to being "hard" a way you hold yourself amongst the elements...a way to defeat sleep, and leave something in the dark, separate from both creature and song and self...a certain something raw, preserving whatever it is that sits ever in the center of anthem. for the never-ends of all things aiming at old. antonym: see; a crown on corpse in a cauphin. love


DJ KRUSHWhat concerns me most is about our children. Being a father of 2 children myself, I constantly feel how important children are, as I live each and every day. As they grow up, children throw various questions to their parents, making all parents think, anxious, happy, and make us parents experience vast and at times unpredictable cases. We parents tend to learn alot from our children, thus I see it as both children and their parents grow up together inmutual effect. Mothers recognize their motherhood as they get pregnant, and instinctly protect their children even if their own lives are in danger. When I first saw my eldest and held her tiny body in my bony arms, I remember a sense I've never felt until then suddenly stormed inside of me, rai nbow-like tears and feelings just poured out of the purest part of me, and covered all of me. Perhaps, an instainct you recognize when you become a's hard to describe in words. Currently, alot of problems are happening around the world. My homeland Japan alone carries so many problems. What shall we do about them all? I feel that nothing will be delivered as real if your feet aren't firmly standing on the ground, so I ought to look over where I stand, question myself what I could do, and make actions. Us adults must start things off in serious manner with reality, or else, our children will keep losing places to be. CHILDREN WILL NOT OPEN THEIR HEARTS TO UNCERTAIN HEARTS. My words to all the adults.


NUDEJAZZ7 years ago, KANKAWA released a suite entitled “Uganda No Inori (Prayers of Uganda)” in protest to the situation the children in Uganda are being put. The situations in Africa seem to show not a little change since then. The fact that African people who are said to be the roots of the whole humanity being the target of various attacks under capitalism is something that must not be allowed to happen. The track we made this time, “heart beat,” is our song for the children saying “don't give up your dreams!”


DJ RISEFirst of all, I would like to thank Ms Noriko Asano for letting me join this project. The song I produced with K'naan sounds seriously painful. You will feel how deep his pain is. Not only in Africa , there are many serious problems around us which we have to face and solve. We need right knowledge to make our own decision that makes those negativity to positivity. Don't be scared to see. Truth hurts....MUSIC IS THE ANSWER !!!


DJ DUCTI remember the realities of Africa being covered a lot in various media back about a decade ago. Don't know whether it's the change in my own lifestyle or change with the society, but I haven't come across such coverage for quite a while. One thing I understand is that such lack of coverage doesn't mean that the situations in Africa got better. In hectic everyday life, it is difficult to see the harsh realities of countries in the far distance. But I believe that by this project, at least those who got involved in the project & who have taken this CD in their hands are and will be able to realize, remember, and acknowledge such realities. Everyone was given the opportunity to think including myself who had never even typed in “African refugees” on search engines. The step we made this time is merely a little first step. But in order to make action, first step is the step that requires most amount of strength & power.Such achievement means a lot. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone at Es.U.Es who gave me the opportunity to be a part of this project, and to Africa , with greatest gratitude. Thank you all.


INDEN & AG ASSIDon't you think the world is still overflowing with things if we share? And why do we still scramble, take things by force? If you retreat from such struggles, you'll immediately put yourself into poverty. And you want to avoid that. Can understand, but if that's all you do, hearts get dried up. Living a life won't be fun. Japan is supposed to be a country filled with materials, but is also a world top ranker in number of suisides. Too many competitions, no doubt a lot of people just can't take it any more. We should become smart in the real sense. A lot of the real may be hard to see being covered by a lot of different things. And to see and know the real may be something very scary, but you have to face it. We should inject more real into society!! That's how we honestly feel. With a cordial wish for more smiling faces, here we go with a song about a war without bloodsheds.


DJ HIDEAfter my involvement to this J AG compilation got confirmed, I had a chance to visit the vast land of Africa. The African sky I first saw from the plane was vast like the hearts of the people living there, its land looked so gentle that even makes you forget the hardships the continent went through. I remember the anticipations I had then. But the reality of the problems the continent carries, from HIV to civil wars and poverty, were something I couldn't even imagine living in Japan. Institutions to avoid children being abducted, the ex-child soldiers, NGOs to help children going back to their societies, the refugee camp, the HIV wards in the hospitals,…to be honest, they were all too depressing. But to my surprise, people who cheered me up from such depression were also those who are living in such situations. The town seemed to be filled with their smiling faces, and I felt that their smiling faces showed their will to live. Death and alive…what is the meaning of life, or to live? I still don't know exactly what, but something within me definitely changed. To have a meaningful life…thank you, Africa .

Jun Sawada

Jun SawadaI see myself living as I pursue art. I reflect my own experiences from various place & time onto art forms such as paintings and music, and have created countless works of expression. Within my career, I have gone to Africa several times, Nigeria for twice, and Uganda for once. Even though my acknowledgements of the realities of African countries are only a tip of an iceberg, here I am, being unable to keep myself from not doing something for Africa. There’s so many to learn from my friends in Africa whom I have touched & met. I really learned a lot. Come to think of it, the roots of paintings and music that I do must be originally in Africa too. And such significant land of Africa is struggling in various problems such as poverty, AIDS and civil wars.And there seems to be a lot that we could do. So I would like to give a lot of good thoughts, acknowledge a lot, carefully study to thoroughly understand the problems, make actions, and return my thanks to Africa & my friends that live there, in whatever way that’s possible for me.
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