(1)Why not donate the whole income?

We may be able to do so if this is a charity that we donate once and that’s it. In order to make a charity something that’s life-long and to maintain its quality, it is impossible to donate the whole income. This is because there will be a lot of people involved, and time consumed. JAG PROJECT plan for more benefits such as this project in different fields for different people, and in order for us to do so, we believe that it is most ideal to create a system where both production team and artists have less burden financially. Our activities in the countries in need will be a total volunteer, so that we could give the whole donation to what needs to be done.

(2) What type of organization is JAG? (Is it publicly legalized organization?)

JAG is a word that has 2 conflicting meanings, “acute” & “intoxicate.” JAG Project was originally formed as a futuristic artist collective to express both meanings through various creative expressions, and throw questions to people of the global issues & realities of the children being sacrificed at the same time. Since then, from 2002, we have done benefit live events entitled “Rebirth JAG” to help Afghan refugee orphans as well as war orphans, and from this African JAG vol.1, we have made the project in larger scales to involve effective contributors. We are currently considering applying to an NPO company. Until then, the entire project will be run by Es.U.Es Corporation at headquarters.

(3) When and how are the donations going to be made?

One of the main features of this project is that many artists transcend borders and genres in order to bring attention to the tragic reality of what is currently happening on the African continent. By becoming the bridge between the local community and the general public, we communicate and create works of art, and we use a portion of the proceeds to support them. We also released a CD in 2006 that featured DJ KRUSH and other artists from around the world. The slogan is "If streets around the world unite hand in hand, it will turn into a tremendous power."
We currently sponsor HIV/AIDS testing in the four poorest areas of the Republic of Malawi in southeastern Africa, focusing on transport assistance to hospitals for people with the disease, malaria medication, distribution of mosquito nets, maise, maise flour and rice, fish conservation and a zero waste project to maintain village sanitation. Nearly 30,000 transport coupons to the hospital were distributed during the seven-year period between 2006 - 2010 and 2018 - 2020, and have saved many lives (From 2011 - 2017, we were unable to provide direct local support due to the illness of JAG staff; we resumed local support in 2018).

(4) How can we check whether donations/support have been actually made?

The executive producer of this project has been making visits & research in selected parts of Africa, but we will be making reports on all our support/donation activities with photos as well as reports from local NGOs, plus we will also upload JAG accounting on this website.

(5) How are the results reported to the contributors?

To contributors of this project will be set on this website for them to check our reports.

(6) How much will be actually donated?

The donation will be then devided into purposes in the rates as stated below: Support for children in urgent need: 40%
Support for organizations helping children to be independent: 50%
Budget save for next JAG project: 10%

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